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Praetoria is the major focus of the Going Rogue expansion, providing an alternate leveling path for newly created characters. Its super-powered inhabitants are also the primary antagonists in content for high-level players using the Incarnate System which requires an active subscription. Praetoria is, in fact, a "mirror universe", where, unlike on our Earth, the most famous superbeings are twisted and evil, having given in to their darker sides, or at least to expediency over morality.

While the official backgrounds provided in Going Rogue may largely be dismissed as propaganda, they do suggest that the previous "evil counterpart" stance is softening and that more of the Praetorian supers occupy a gray zone. New characters created by City of Heroes players have the option to start in Primal Earth or, with the purchase of Going Rogue , in Praetoria. While this decision is primarily cosmetic, it does have some minor effects on the character, and their dimension of origin can never be changed.

This dimension was first discovered by Tina Macintyre due to invading forces by Anti-Matter.

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Several missions assigned by Tina Macintyre and Maria Jenkins take place there, and it is also the locale for the City of Heroes expansion: Going Rogue. The early press releases for the expansion were the first to refer to it as Praetoria. Praetoria, humankind's last and best chance for survival, shines like a beacon of hope across an embattled world.

Emperor Cole established this stronghold to protect the lives of his people and to provide a safeguard in which to plan the defeat of humanity's greatest enemy. Though much was lost in the Hamidon Wars , both in lives and land, Emperor Cole built the capital of Praetoria into a safe haven where the citizens of the Empire can live in peace and prosperity. While the rest of the Empire struggles to meet its obligations to the Emperor for the safety he provides, the citizens of the capital city enjoy abundance, security, and opportunity so that their dreams, and the dreams of their Empire, can be realized.

Praetoria had its genesis in the ascension of Marcus Cole as the world's prime guardian. No one will ever forget how very close the human race came to annihilation in those dark years before Emperor Cole's rise to glory, or how the very earth itself turned against humanity at the command of the renegade scientist, Doctor Hamidon.

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The misguided leaders of the world sought to beat back the Devouring Earth with nuclear fire to no avail. Only through Emperor Cole's intervention was the world saved. In gratitude for his efforts, the people of the world chose him as their sole guardian, forever turning their backs on the archaic notions of nation-states or ethnic identities.

From then on, they were citizens of the Empire--they were Praetorians. Praetoria stands at the location of Hamidon's first great defeat at the hands of Marcus Cole, the man who proved to the world that the Devouring Earth could be beaten. The extensive solos of Rising Force were reduced to substantial levels and the rest of the band have a leeway of showing how amazing musicians they truly are.

Jeff Scott Soto is on top of his game here, displaying his amazing vocal range and versatility to different styles and tempos. Favorite song: On the Run Again — Amazing solo by the man himself, high pitched vocals by Soto, one of the heaviest songs on the album. Did you know: When Malmsteen was forming the band in the late 70s he hired a singer from a band called Rising not that Rising. Nor that Rising. His oldest bandmate Marcel Jacob was playing for a band called Force yes that Force, who will become Europe later so he combined those two and..

After recording a great EP in , and an awesome debut album the following year, Axe Witch released this amazing album in The speedy, raw, into-your-face style still exists in this album but coupled with a more melodic approach. It seems that Axe Witch has progressed in the same way the whole movement has progressed, slowly moving away from the NWOBHM harshness to a more refined sound. But more on that later. Favorite Song: The title track. It acts as a great introduction for the album, explaining to the listener what he is about to experience.

As a result, Fingerprint Records, one of the most important record companies of FWOSHM, got offers from the likes of Neat records and Roadrunner for international release, but without informing the band about their arrangement, resulting in a considerable money loss for Axe Witch…. Indeed, go ahead and turn on the power, set volume to 11, and get ready to get blasted through the roof.

Paragon Mills Park: A Review

Mindless Sinner in this album gives you the impression that they have a perfectly calculated plan to get to the top. The vocals are very theatrical and passionate while hitting those high notes with ease, and probably the first thing that makes an impression to the unsuspected first-time listener as Mr. The guitars are always in the front row, always spicing things up, adding smart lead pieces here and there, and careful not to overdo it on the solos.

Each note is meaningful, each riff there for a reason. But what makes Turn on the Power stand out amongst other very good albums is the atmosphere it has. This is one of the most joyful records ever to exist, it radiates power with every chord and chorus, bound to make everyone jump from their seats. There is a very distinctive 80s feeling to it, as if each song could be used in a teen move about 40 years ago. Did you know: Mindless Sinner really had a hard time picking a name.

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This diamond of an album that we have here, is the record that put Heavy Load in the European stage, and dare I say, Sweden as well with it. Raw, epic, rough and melodic at the same time, Death or Glory , has a very similar feeling like the British new wave bands with a Swedish twist. The album is not important only for its musical value, but because this is the birthplace of the Swedish metal scene, an album that twill set the bar for every band that followed afterwards. Dense intro with a riff that weighs a thousand tons, and looming epic feeling, with screaming guitar solos and anthemic choruses.

So there you go, the absolute cornerstone of Swedish heavy metal, a Classic Heavy Load, full of amazing compositions. If you like bands like Manilla Road, Brocas Helm, and either period of Riot you are gonna love this record. Did You know: The impact and recognition of Heavy Load were of such a great importance that when the band decided to come out of retirement in , Swedish National Television SVT made an announcement on the evening news highlighting their influence in the genre.

So powerful, so epic, probably my favorite Heavy Load song. Some of the best guitar work in the scene with great riffs and wonderful solos, all in all, a solid release. The guitar wizard strikes again with a very powerful album. If I was writing a PoV article, this will be in the top 5.

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Borderline thrash, with many melodic moments. Granted, the vocals have their flaws, the production is not the best in the world, but the compositions totally make up for everything. Check it out! The world-renowned Johansson Brothers team up with the very talented Jonas Hansson on guitars and vocals. The flair is overflowing with this release, even Roadrunner records thought so! Powerful top shelf unsweetened heavy metal.

British pioneer label Ebony records must have thought so as well. I tried really hard not to turn this primer to a Heavy Load worshiping mantra. Ok seriously listen to this album right now. This is amazing top shelf stuff. My personal opinion is that this album is one of the top 10 releases of the scene. Last but certainly not least, Lord of Flies was one of the speediest releases of FWOSHM up until , for many fans of the band their strongest album overall.

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The Paragon Gang: The Whole Story

NWOBHM and Thin Lizzy influences in an all and all decent album, maybe a little short on the lyrics side, but musically worth your time. Interesting, different, on the speedy side with an unusual arrangement. One of the most baffling releases of the scene, I tend to have a different opinion each time I listen to the album. Matthias IA Eklundh, of post Mercyful Fate fame, puts a progressive metal album unlike anything you might have checked upon. Shred metal before it was cool if it was ever cool by the man himself.

Mostly instrumental, would be a featured album if we were doing a guitar hero primer, but since there are only 2 songs that feature JSS on lyrics, I consider it to be for a specific audience. I was torn whether to list this or Swords and Axes should be listed as an essential album because both are so damn good.