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Did you see the WhirleyBoy in the CoP? Those were some funny looking LBCs! AKA: Irish Tax. Abbr: WBD. Abbr: WYH. Abbr: WIB. Abbr: YATF.

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Abbr: YHC. Abbr: YOWE. Name Description More.

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Ability to maintain energy throughout a work day due to the extended adrenaline release as a direct result of accomplishing the early morning workout. The portion of the day between midnight and noon when most of what is going to get done does get done. Any winding, gloomy and dangerous trail through the woods, best run at an ankle-breaker pace.

The method by which the Q builds Trust with his Group Members. Congregation of two or more men in physical contact, usually but not exclusively in the prayer that terminates the COT. Those PAX prone to demonstrative celebration of their rebellion against Institutional or cultural orthodoxy. An exhoratation to another Pax or to oneself to improve attitude, to not take things seriously that don't warrant being taken seriously, and in general to approach life in a positive way.

The conviction that there is a supernatural governing force outside of oneself that provides an ordered explanation for our existence and delivers consequences for the violation of that order. The Earth. Pax who post to workouts intent on demonstrating the superiority of their physical prowess to those present. Abbr: BDS. Calling on a man to lead without providing the training necessary to form positive Habits.

Abbr: BWS. A Mammon that technology has passed by, but for some reason other than necessity still persists.

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A not-so-obvious Skill possessed by a HIM. Taking offense at mere words or anything other than actual sticks and stones the only things that truly break bones. When you push a workout so hard that a member of the pax doesn't merlot, but instead has to lay down for the rest of the workout.

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About F3. The woman a man loves and should marry, but is procrastinating into losing for good to a HIM willing to exude Commitment. Abbr: CBD. A Pax that tends toward the Meso- or Endomorphic body types, whose body weight exceeds the lb mark. Charlotte, North Carolina. An insincere F3-style apology for something one is not really all that sorry about. An Organization with an unrecognized conflict between its Articulated Purpose and its Actual Purpose.

Concentric expansion method, by which a Region plants Nomads outside of its boundaries but within miles. A state of physical ease and freedom from pain, constraint or challenge. Unwavering loyalty to the Group and unflinching determination to accomplish its Mission. The healthy process of pitting oneself against another man in an objectively measurable endeavor.

Difficult, dirty and dangerous Events that build Trust between Team Members. The efforts made by the Governance of an Organization to maintain a perceived status-quo through the restraint of its Advantage-seeking Members.