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Nothing in this world matters more to him than caring for his daughter, not even accidentally falling in lust with the doctor next door. Challenged by his growing attraction to Sean, and confronted by painful memories of his family, Ash has to learn that love is all that matters. After trading the barracks for a fixer-upper rental, Navy SEAL Zack Nelson wants peace, not a roommate - especially not Pike, who sees things about Zack he most wants to hide. Pike's flirting puts virgin Zack on edge. And the questions Pike's arrival would spark from Zack's teammates about his own sexuality?

Moving in Rhythm

Not going there. But Zack can't refuse. Dustin Robbins-Grayson was a surly adolescent when Quinlan Gregory started the nanny gig. Or a lonelier one. Quinlan has spent his life as the stranger on the edge of the photograph, but Dusty wants Quinlan to be the center of his world. Blame and regret are my constant companions. Until I see him in the spotlight and everything changes. Night after night, I watch him dance. Thinking about him. And now that I know, I want him even more. And maybe But not yet. Not before he knows what he means to me.

Web designer Jodi Peters is a solitary creature. Lunch twice a week with his ex-girlfriend-turned-BFF and the occasional messy venture to a dodgy gay bar is all the company he needs, right? Then one night he stumbles across newly divorced firefighter Rupert O'Neil. Rupert is lost and lonely, but just about the sweetest bloke Jodi has ever known. Jodi can't help falling hard in love. He offers Rupert a home within the walls of his cosy Tottenham flat. For four blissful years, life is never sweeter. Until a cruel twist of fate snatches it all away. Detective Matthew Bennett doesn't believe in ghosts.

So when the spirit of a murdered child leads him to her body, he's shaken to the core - and taken off the case. Unable to explain his vision, or to let go of the investigation, Matthew turns to renowned medium Kiernan Fitzpatrick. Though he has doubts about Kiernan's claims to communicate with the dead, Matt is nevertheless drawn to the handsome psychic, who awakens feelings he thought were long-buried. Teddy MacNally loves Christmas and everything that goes along with it.

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His new mission: make the holiday-hating soldier believe he was born to say ho ho ho. At 10 years old, Noah Jameson and Cooper Bradshaw collided midair when they dove for the same football. For three years they were inseparable Noah and Cooper never knew what happened to each other. Now, 17 years later, after finding his boyfriend in bed with another man, Noah returns to Blackcreek looking for a fresh start. And damned if he doesn't find his old friend grew up to be as sexy as sin. When Brian "Brin" Schubert's condo floods, he takes his co-worker up on the offer to stay on his crappy futon for a while.

The last thing he expects is for his friend's roommate to be the one guy he despises the most. The same guy who stomped on his heart senior year of high school.

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And by the looks of the girl on his arm, the same man who's still deep inside the closet. Nicholas Dell never predicted that 11 years later, one of his greatest regrets would show up on his doorstep down on his luck. Mark Apostolos should be able to have any man he wants. Handsome and smart, he's also cripplingly shy, especially around attractive men. Tired of waking up alone, he's desperate to conquer his insecurities and have a real, meaningful relationship.

He gets his first opportunity when he tags along to his sister-in-law's dance class and lays eyes on the sexy instructor. Seth Miller has a way of moving that takes his breath away.

It isn't long before sparks fly and they share a steamy kiss, but Seth wants much more than just a casual encounter. If Mark wants a real relationship with Seth he'll have to come to terms with his sexuality - but will it be enough to break through the walls he's built up around his heart? I am sure this is a great book like the reviews state The story held my attention and was easy to listen to, although it's a verrry slooow burn romance. Focus is on character development, mainly Mark's inner journey to self-acceptance. The social anxiety he has to overcome made the story line more memorable.

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I wish there was an epilogue, though, to see the larger friend and family circle all together again. The story just ends after Mark and Seth get together, and the supporting characters only get implied future reunions that we don't get to share. The narration was quite good and increased my enjoyment of this book. I really liked it. The main characters were great and the story was sweet.

The ending was a little abrupt and could have used some fleshing out. The side characters bothered me. Every single one of them did something shity to drive him into his insecurities and no one cared. They love him but not one person stood up for him. I found that frustrating and that is mostly why I gave 4 instead of 5 stars.

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Any additional comments? This story was very easy to listen to. It managed to keep a light and pleasant tone despite dealing with some heavy topics like anxiety, coming to terms with being gay and dealing with loved ones being away for war. But it also never felt like those problems were not real or important. All in all a lovely little story. I found this book a little bit challenging to review, struggling to separate the story from the narration because I actually listened to the audio book narrated by Charlie Belmont rather than reading the story.

The reason I found it challenging was because I found the story a little slow moving and it was hard to determine if this was mainly driven by the story itself or from the speed of the narration. I have a feeling that if I had been reading this myself and at my own fairly rapid pace, it may not have felt quite so drawn out.

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I would like to give it the benefit of the doubt and say the slowness was mainly due to the narration speed from past experience I usually find the pace of audio books a little bit slow for my liking. The story follows Mark, incredibly shy with a diagnosed condition that has prevented him forming relationships, who moves in with his sister-in-law to support her through the last months of her pregnancy while his brother is deployed overseas.

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Mark meets Seth and they are attracted but his condition means Mark needs to overcome some hurdles if they are to be together. I liked that Mark had finally found a man worth trying to break through his own barriers for. I liked that Seth took things slowly and was prepared to handle a unique relationship that didn't consist of a lot of face-to-face time.


It was quite interesting to see Seth relate to his rescue greyhound and encourage the dog to trust and venture into the world and see the same occur with Mark. I wanted to love Mark but for some reason, although understanding the difficulties he faced in life, I found him slightly annoying. There was a repetitiveness to his thoughts and actions that irritated me slightly plus all the references to 'he blinked', 'Mark blinked at him' The other characters were engaging - Seth, sister-in-law Lisa, friend Claire and brother Pete.

Plus the dogs were cute! So all in all, quite a nice and sweet story with some lovely lines You're a bulldog. Tough and wary, loyal as all get-out, not easy to get close to and you know, that intrigued me but once inside what do I find but this huge heart. I'd be the crazy one to walk away from you. I make long term commitments to my greyhounds.