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The law commands love Leviticus ; Galatians , and love is the fulfillment of the law Romans — In this, the most loving thing we can do is point people to Jesus or help them walk in obedience to him. In the end, church discipline is not only biblical, it is loving. Indeed, this is what the church is for. We are not a spiritual interest group who enjoys a hearty potluck after a good sermon. We are a people called out of darkness to walk in the light of his love.

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We have fellowship with God and one another as we abide in him. And when that fellowship is destroyed by sin, love compels us to sacrifice ourselves in order to discipline others. This is what love looks like.

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Is there a reason that there is no opportunity for dialogue when the SBTS posts a blog like this? I served as an elder in a Baptist church for 12 years. The objection to local church discipline was simply a matter of Hebrews We asked attendees to consider membership in the local church. That was the step that brought them into a relationship with church leaders so that we knew and they knew that we would give account to Almighty God for them. It was our responsibility to watch over their soul.

This step of membership was a big deal for everyone. Hey Brian, thanks for taking the extra step to reach via my blog. EQUIP seems to be platform for resources more than a community discussion. The manpower it takes to moderate comments on websites is great. But we can only cover so much in one article. Maybe the next article can talk about that membership-eldership connection.

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What is Church Discipline?

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Notify me of new posts via email. Search for:. God goes ahead and finds the streams which are sweet and the pastures which are fragrant. Some ministers try to drive. Their fatal weakness is an inability to see that shepherds cannot drive. A minister must always go in advance of his people.

He must lead them in thought.

It is tragic when a minister is not the intellectual leader of his people. A minister who does not lead is shirking a capital branch of pastoral work. The doors of opportunity stand open, but the average Christian will not enter unless encouraged. A leader is not an exhorter, or a scolder, or a declaimer, but a man who goes ahead and points out the particular things which ought to be accomplished, and not only points them out but also shows in what manner they may best be done. Jesus the Good Shepherd always regarded Himself as a physician.

The diseases of the soul are numerous, and the remedies provided by the Almighty are efficacious only when applied by a skilled practitioner. Here is a field in which the minister is called upon to put forth much skill and strength. His mission is to the sick, and not all sick people are sick with the same sickness, nor do they all require the same remedies or the same kind of nursing.

Followers of Jesus in many cases suffer for years with diseases from which an expert spiritual physician could have delivered them. Nowhere else does the minister need such piercing insight, such fine powers of discrimination, such skill in diagnosis, and such ability to cope with subtle and mysterious forces, as here. The physical health of his people is always a matter of concern to the instructed pastor. The Shepherd is a Savior The shepherd is a savior.

He saves sheep that are lost.

Proclaiming Christ from all the Scriptures, in order to Make Disciples from all the Nations

Sheep have a propensity for getting lost. They get lost their through stupidity and also through heedlessness and folly. When once he realizes his lost condition, he rushes hither and thither seeking his way, but his search is generally fruitless. A lost sheep does not get home. There are ministers who do have a passion for the lost, but only the lost of one particular type—men and women who have never belonged to the church.

All sorts of devices are adopted to catch them.

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When any of them are won, that ends the interest of the minister in them. But alas, many of those who have been found soon wander away. Straying sheep could in many cases be brought back if only the shepherd would go after them. The minister who allows one sheep to drop out of his flock without a wound in his heart and without lifting a hand to bring that sheep back is not a good shepherd.

While it is universally admitted that the minister must feed his people, it is surprising how little attention is paid by many a minister to the subject of nutrition and how little thought is given to the art of feeding. There is in every church a wide variety of ages, temperaments, appetites, tastes, and constitutions, and a great variety of foods prepared in different ways is consequently demanded.