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Subscribe to add to wishlist. Try these tips: Agree a set of rules that your child is happy with and understands, such as only playing outside for a certain amount of time and staying where you can see them If your child is out with other children, make sure they have a buddy system where they stick with a partner or group and have an adult they know nearby Always agree on a meeting point if you are out and about with your child, that way if they get lost it can be the first place to look.

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You also need to make sure your child knows what to do if they get lost, for example finding a policeman or going into a shop For older children, make sure they know your home address and telephone number, you could even give them a mobile phone to use when they are out Again for older children, encourage them to become 'street-smart'. Take your child on the route to their local park from your home so they become familiar with the area.

Ready for the Playground: Outdoor Play Safety

More like this. The importance of children's play. Child safety: stranger danger. Ideas to improve the playground. Materials treasure hunt. For added convenience, these freestanding baby gates include mounting hardware for extra wide safety barriers if desired.

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The 3-in-1 Metal Superyard works on a variety of floor surfaces. These are one of the most popular free standing baby gates on Amazon for those that need baby gates for indoor and outdoor use.

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Colorful appearances will help your child associate the gate with a fun, pleasant play area. No tools required; for installation. For use with kids months. Easily clean with soap and warm water. Perfect for those who need indoor and outdoor baby gates.

Same model as the above, but more suitable to the decor of the home. You may need a screwdriver or allen key to piece together sections of your baby gate depending on the type. However, once your freestanding baby gate as been put together, you can easily move it from room to room. Some baby gates also come pre-assembled.

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Yes, many of the freestanding baby gates on this page are able to be used outside as a play area for your kids or pets. Many baby gates have spikes that can be placed into your lawn for extra stability. Simply wash down the baby gate with water and soap and allow to dry. If your freestanding baby gate has been used outside, simply also wash with warm water and soap.

Yes, many of these freestanding baby gates are perfect for keeping your child or pet away from a fireplace. No, it is not recommended to use a freestanding baby gate to secure stairs, as they can too easily be moved by your child.


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It is better to use a hardware-mounted baby gate for stairs, as they are screwed securely into place using a bracket. Hazard Free Homes. Check out some of the most popular free-standing baby gates available on the market below. No screws, drilling or permanent mounting required. Ideal for babies, toddlers and small dogs. One of the best reviewed and freestanding baby gates on Amazon.