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My daughter, Elspeth. The number is…. Take your time. Dora looked suitably triumphant. Rosie laughed good naturedly. Then, indicating the bag, Rosie said,. Rosie had looked up as he had entered the room.

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Rosie had then turned to him to give him a most professional handover, calmly explaining the circumstances and the actions she herself had already taken. Ah, Dr. This is Dora. He noticed that she periodically turned to look at the patient whilst talking to him and he marvelled at the way that, with this tiny action, she sought to include the patient in the process. David usually found the medical handover somewhat fraught with a mixture of misunderstandings and the either wounded, or overinflated, ego of the person doing the handover.

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With Rosie, over those first few weeks at St. Their conversation, in both the medical and patient care arenas, had been all ease and straightforward accuracy. So impressed had he been with her nursing skills, he had almost missed the long dark auburn curls which constantly tried to break free from the clip holding them back, the long, shiny wisps framing the pale, flawless skin of her beautiful face. Not that he wanted to dwell on any of that. Either way, it mattered not. Rosie was in a relationship already, with what seemed like a most unusual choice for her, from what he had gathered about her in those few short weeks.

David Morgan did not like Dr Tony Baker. It had been an instant dislike, and none of their exchanges over the last few weeks had done anything to change it. Entered being just the right word. The man made an entrance into every room he walked into. Everyone had to see him! Rosie smiled her big smile in appreciation as David almost imperceptibly shook his head and looked down at his plate, ready to set about the dried up, and now cold, ravioli. Rosie Bowers laughed as Tony pulled her chair out for her.

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After all, he was almost impossibly good looking and so very full of confidence. The sort of confidence that made him really good company. Nonetheless, she wanted that to be theirs. Just theirs. Rosie had always lived in fear of hospital gossip, despite the fact she had never done anything to court it. Up until now, that is. Had a busy morning, Darling? It struck her that sometimes words seemed to be something he almost shrugged off into the ether. How about you? Oh, loads of admin and politics. She had avoided relationships with colleagues throughout her nursing career.

She had been at St.

The last four months had been a whirl wind of dinners in the best restaurants, shows seen from the best seats in the house and weekend boat trips. That type of man was never interested in her and so, in the early stages, she had taken his flirting as nothing more than joking on his part. Whilst she, on the other hand, secretly imagined what it would be like if he really was interested in her.

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When finally he had made his intentions towards her very clear, she jumped at the chance to go out on a date with him. That first date had been incredible.

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It was like a fantasy. He had picked her up from her cottage, arriving with the biggest and most succulent looking red roses, which she had hastily arranged in an inadequate vase before they departed for Cranleys Restaurant. Cranleys no less! She had never stepped foot inside the place before she met Tony.

That first time, seeing the wonderment on her face at the beautiful surroundings, Tony had laughed and said,. Now Cranleys was a weekly occurrence. Leaning back in his seat, he checked it from his waistband without removing it and then immediately pulled his mobile phone from his top pocket and began punching at the keys. Tony demanded of the unknown caller.

Two minutes. He seemed to hang up, stand, move his chair back and slip his mobile phone back into his pocket in one fluid movement. He looked down at her and, with a wink and a tilt of his head said Gotta go. As she smiled up at him, he turned to walk away. A second later, he turned back, leant over her and kissed her on the lips. Smiling, he briskly walked away, leaving Rosie looking at her food, somewhat flushed, and wondering how many of her colleagues had seen that kiss.

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From across the room, David Morgan watched. He wondered if her seeming embarrassment was genuine discomfort or girlish coyness. He rather suspected the former. But what did he know? He had wondered at first if it was because he was new at the hospital. As the weeks had progressed, he had come to realise that she was the sort of woman who did not volunteer the details of her private life, in the way that so many people seemed to.

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The opposite of Rosie, by the end of his first shift, David knew that Shirley was single, had just come out of a relationship, what music she liked, the names of all of her girlfriends and where she liked to go on her days off. He smiled to himself as he recalled how, whilst not caring about any of it, he had tried to appear genuinely interested. Knowing that false sincerity was not his strong point, he had worried that she would see straight through him.

He had since come to realise that his facial expression mattered not. She would talk about herself regardless of his demeanour, facial expression or feelings in the matter. Please help with the title of this book! I believe it was one of a series and this one was about one of four English sisters and very funny. The story is told from the perspective of the sister who is getting married to an engineer and she is embarrassed to be thinking to herself that he has rescued her from a crazy life with her family. I remember that she and her mother rode the Tube under the Thames - which she found very exciting and her mother found terrifying.

Before the wedding, the sisters and their mother go to some ritzy restaurant for tea but discover they have almost no money but the mother deals with the head waiter with honesty and class. One of the married sisters is wealthy and arranged it but never pays for anything. Once married, they take a honeymoon cruise to Australia where the husband has taken a job for a year or so. One of the bride's younger sisters is also on the ship relocating to Australia - either to work or live with another relative.

The bride and the sister are sitting in deck chairs behind the husband and his friend and the bride observes her sister just gazing adoringly at the back of the guy's head.